Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zoorassic UP craziness!

So yesterday was a superb adventure!!! I finally came out of my cave and played with my little friendlies! We went to the zoo, the UP house, a creepy house, and did some funny things!

So first things first! We started out by going to the zoo! Oh the dear zoo...I haven't been in forever and it always super fun:) Luckily for us it was Zoorassic Park themed! So they had dinosaurs everywhere! I love dinosaurs! they are top notch! But on the down side it was boiling hot! The zoo is smart! They had these giant misting fans! awww sooooo refreshing!

ZOORASSIC PARK!!! dinosaurs were everywhere:) cute cute

                 Me and Bren having fun!

The cute little Giraffes that were totally in love!

Seriously?? I don't even compare to their arms haha

Us cuties as the Zoo:)

After having a hot blast at the Zoo we went to the UP house! Yes like in the movie UP! It's exaclty like it to a T! It is Herriman, Utah. The house was totally colored, it had Carl's and Ellie's mailbox with the hand prints, the chairs inside, the glass Paradise Falls jar, and it even had the movie playing in the home theatre. It was the cutest house ever!!

After the UP house we chilled then when it got dark we went to this creepy house in Holladay...We still don't know if anyone lives there truly or not. But there is always the same light on in the top right bedroom and a side light on. But shutters are falling off, no other light ever comes on, and all the roads to get to it are blocked off...its really creepy. But always a blast to see what happens!

After that little trip we decided to be crazy and do Chinese Firedrills hahaha...oh man was that fun! Ever red light we came up to we threw off our seatbelts, jumped out of the car and started running around like mad men!! It is such a rush and I love the adrenaline! It sucks though cuz when you want a light to turn red it always turns green!!! maybe i should start hoping for red lights when im in a hurry...anyway, we were determined! So we went all the way to Riverton and back doing Chinese Firedrills. hahaha oh i love my friends and the adventures we have. They are always coming up with superb ideas:)

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