about a girl

hey there! 
i'm {just} Sara!
welcome to my cute little blog! (well i think it is quite cute...if you do or not is up to you.)
i am an (true) Aggie at USU and i am loving every moment of it!
i am studying Elementary Ed and Special Ed because i love working with kids! they are my favorite thing ever!
basically I'm just a normal girl living life. 
i tweet, i sleep, i eat.
sounds pretty normal to me?
i also love orange juice. (and when i say love...i mean love.)
i chew Shawn White Stride gum 24/7.
i'm addicted to shopping and blogging.
i'm always kitten right meow.
and you might notice I say cute/cutie about 20 times a day.

this blog is just what I think and my daily occurrences. 
i hope you enjoy at least part of it. 
and if you don't, then YOU can go blog about it.

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