Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Dear Readers,

as you have probably already noticed that i haven't really been blogging on here at all since I've gotten my new blog. (Happiness Is..) i have finally decided to transfer everything over to HERE! I thought it would be a good new start. and i just got tired of this one and needed a new start myself. 

so...if you have enjoyed reading on here then you should follow my other blog! and if you already have, kudos to you! i think you are fabulous:) so hopefully i will see you over HERE! meow meow i love you all!

Love, {just} Sara

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happiness Is...

So I have another blog...i know what you're thinking. "this girl does not need another blog." but hold your horses! for one: the damage is already done kids! and two: its pretty great I might add. and three: you should check it out! right meow...

I haven't exactly decided what to do with this blog yet...maybe keep posting? maybe end it? who knows. but until that day actually comes when i finally decide the verdict. i will continue to be {just} sara! so just letting you in on that little secret. feed back would be helpful! so if you want me to keep this blog let me know. and if not then just don't say anything....haha it would be much appreciated:) i love all you cuties that actually care to hear what i have to say all day long. so have a superb night!

If you want to check out my other blog (which i highly recommend) it is Happiness Is...

Monday, January 30, 2012

WTF: Why The Face?

Well I don't really have much to say today. But here are a bunch of things that made me laugh for the day!

Oh I love The Office...love love. And I love when people don't know who Justin Bieber is.

Okay seriously? Isn't this the funniest thing you've ever seen in your life? Because every time that I look at this photo I die of laughter....hahahahahaha. i might need to change my pants soon. Robert Pattinson would make a terrible girl...

No matter what season it is I could watch this movie. "I can't put my arms down" was a frequent saying in my house hold. and it still is. Luckily I have never been bundled so tightly that I couldn't move my arms. But who knows? there might be a day like that in my near future. ya know, since I live in Logan and all.

I think it's just me. and I think it might be because I'm really tired....but this photo makes me laugh...really, really hard. out loud. in front of all my roommates.

This is so true!!! Ever since I've seen this I've been so tempted to write this on many windows here in Logan...but I won't name names....(because honestly I don't know who the cars belong to...) I don't know what it is about people and parking badly. But I have found that it is a serious problem! we can blame it on the snow...for now...(only until it melts.)

Okay If you haven't seen this video you have to! right meow!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YQpbzQ6gzs

MODERN FAMILY! yes. i must say that this is my all time favorite TV show of all time. I have recently acquired my own copy of season 1 & 2. and I could watch it all day, everyday! If you have not seen this i recommend watching it pronto! Phil Dunphy is my favorite! I sometimes ask myself "what would life be like married to Phil Dunphy?"......"pretty great" i tell myself. pretty great.

Well now I'm off. I'm watching Modern Family :) and it's wonderful! so I think ill enjoy my cute little time with the Modern Family. bye cuties!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Wind...

Yes I do love Mr. W....even when it's inconvenient....

Happiness Is...
  • Shopping
  • New clothes
  • Friends
  • Salt & Vinegar chips
  • Dancing in the kitchen
  • Smiles
  • Family
  • Home
  • Little kids

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heaven in Eleven minutes!

We are all trying to find a slice of Heaven. Whether we result to chocolate, cake, ice cream....or, in this case pastries! I saw an amazing idea on the beloved Pinterest for these quick and easy pastry treats!

Little Jammers:

2-3 Cans of Crescent Rolls
1 Little tub of cream cheese 
1 Jar of Jam

First, you pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Then you prepare the cookie sheet by spraying it with Pam (or some kind of spray). You then scare yourself half to death opening the crescent roll can, spread them out on a pan. You smear whatever flavor of cream cheese on half of the roll, then you put a little bit of jam on top of the cream cheese! You roll them up, throw them in the oven. Wait approximately 11-13 minutes and voilá!! You have your own little rolls filled with Heaven! My roommate and I used Boysenberry Jam and Strawberry cream cheese! I think its better if they compliment each other, but I'm sure anything works!

Here are the Little Jammers!

p.s. I thought that you would enjoy this video..I know I did...

well that is sure one way to announce a baby.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happiness Is...

reading your scriptures :)

3 Nephi 11:3

Back In The Day...

So today I was being very nostalgic. (for those of you who have no idea what it means, like I did. It means: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.) So I was being nostalgic and thinking about my cute little childhood. And you know what I realized??? IT WAS GREAT! I look at all the children now a days and wonder how they are surviving with out all the amazing things i had as a kid? I am seriously going to be the best parent by sharing things I grew up on. Even if they hate it. Yes, I did wear overalls, I played Skip-it, I wanted to get slimed, I watched The Magic School Bus, Bill Nyne was my favorite, I had a Lite Brite, I wanted to be a Power Ranger, but no, I did not have puffy bangs. Haha my mom was decent enough to let me have normal bangs i guess. I loved being me as a kid so I decided to give you a cute little taste of it!

So yes! This is me as a cute little first grader!!! In my overalls :)
Tamagotchi's where my favorite thing ever! I was addicted to mine

I was raised on The Amanda Show! She was seriously my idol! We didn't have Hannah Montana or anything. It was all about The Amanda Show and All That. 

The Power Rangers were my favorite!!! And of course we all had our fights about which Power Ranger we were going to be!

Yeah I had a pair like these...and guess what? I still have a pair!

Hula Hoops were a HUGE hit when i was a little cutie back in my day! It was one of my cherished toys. And mine was a Barbie Hula Hoop!

Yes I LOVED All That!

Who had a Lite Brite???? I did! I did!
Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. "The Backstreet Boys??" Yes they were my favorite band! And Their concert was the very first concert I had ever been to! and yes, I was in love with Nick! But honestly, who wasn't??

Do you love ORANGE SODA??? I do, I do, I do!

It's Totally Kyle.....Classic :) 

Goosebumps were so scary when I was little! I remember reading the books and I was so jealous of my friend who had all of the movies! We watched them and I thought they were terrifying!! I recently saw a couple reruns of Goosebumps...and they are way cheesy! oh goosebumps...

I could probably go on forever about my childhood but I won't! I bet this post will drag up so many memories from when your childhood that you probably can't wait to get off of here and look up all your favorite clips from your favorite shows or try to find your old pet rock! Whatever it is that you are off to do, have fun! and remember Treat each other excellently, and Party on dude! 

Monday, January 23, 2012


One day it was snowing in Logan! (shocking right?) And I thought it was so great outside that I wanted to document it! I had never used iMovie on my Mac so i thought it would be the perfect opportunity! My wonderful roommate decided to humor me and we made the cutest little Snow Day video you could imagine! I'm pretty sure we would be a great hit if we ever made it to theaters! So humor me and watch my video! It's cute!

So If you are ever looking for the perfect snow day seriously head to Logan! I swear it snows 9 months out of the year....not really. But I like to think it does. It is actually a wonderful place filled with college kids....and snow. But if you can get past the snow its great! and trust me if you can survive one winter here, you can survive ANYTHING! and trust me...i mean anything. So sit back, and relax. Maybe cook some popcorn, and enjoy Snow Day! Starring Tarah and Sara!

Happiness Is...

Yesterday at Ward Prayer this girl was giving us an awesome thought about being grateful when I had a thought of my own! She told us how she started making a list of what Happiness was. She did it everyday and she wrote down everything that made her smile for that day. She said that it made her so grateful for all the little things in life. I have now taken that challenge upon myself in order to find out what Happiness is to me :) I'm only on day one, but I have already found so many things to be grateful for.

Happiness Is...

  • Getting a call from someone I love
  • Watching Once Upon A Time
  • Using my umbrella when it snows
  • Seeing a friend on campus
  • Getting a cute text
  • Getting a compliment from a stranger
  • When my favorite song come on iTunes
  • Finding a good scripture
  • Having Home Evening with my ward
  • Joking with Tarah
  • Looking at old pictures
  • Orange Juice
  • Fast internet (it usually sucks)
That is my list of Happiness for the day. I know that they might not seem very extravagant or anything. But they meant something to me, and they are what made me happy during the day. Everyone is just trying to find their own happiness, and it will come in all different ways. I am so blessed and I am so thankful that I could have all those little bits of Happiness throughout my day, and I know that they won't end there. They are going to keep going and I'm going to keep being happy:) I hope all you cuties find your Happiness too!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012-pointless post

Hey! I know I haven't blogged in forever! It's finally the new year and it's been fantastic! I've gotten back into the swing of things here at school and i'm loving every second of it! I am so proud to be an Aggie! I've just been trying to survive the winter by:

  • Watching Modern Family
  • Making cookies
  • Wearing slippers
  • Taking naps
  • Playing hanging with friends
  • And walking up Hells Pass...
Me and my cutie friend Tarah have been having a blast! I swear we are one person! Today we drove up the Canyon and had a blast!

This is kind of a pointless post haha but its sunday. do you blame me? have a great day cuties!