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welcome to Happiness Is...! this little page is where i tell you what happiness is according to me. a girl once told me about this challenge (happiness is...) that she took on. everyday she would write down things that would make her smile, or would make her happy that day. and they were always little things that she never thought about.

i loved the idea and i started my own little book of happiness is! i carry it with me everywhere and write down all the little things that make me happy. i have become obsessed with happiness is! because it makes me happy! i find that i am constantly writing down my little trinkets of happiness to save for a rainy day. i have found that i have been much happier and i look forward to finding out what happiness will be each day. its a new surprise everyday!

so your challenge, if you wish to accept it. is to find out what happiness is to YOU! right them down on scratch paper. write them in chalk, right them in your math folder. as long as you write down and know what happiness is. otherwise you'll never remember. so...on your mark, get set, GO!

ill give you an idea of what my happiness is...

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Happiness Is...

January 23, 2012:

  • getting a call from someone i love
  • watching Once Upon A Time
  • using my umbrella when it snows
  • seeing a friend on campus
  • getting a cute text
  • when my favorite song comes on iTunes
  • finding a good scripture
  • orange juice fast internet
January 24, 2012:
  • Jokes my ELED teacher tells
  • thinking about 2nd grade
  • chicken nuggets
  • office supplies
  • crazy things my math teacher says
January 25, 2012:
  • waking up to a good morning text
  • homemade pastries
  • Modern Family
  • that one needed moment of silence
January 26, 2012:
  • having someone recognize me
  • hearing "i love you"
  • knowing i only have one class left in the day
  • 40 day dream
  • kissing
  • cuddling
  • laughing
January 27, 2012:
  • Panda Express
  • sleep
January 28, 2012:
  • spaghetti
  • late curfews
  • new clothes
  • shopping
January 29, 2012:
  • hot showers
  • missionaries
  • sacrament
  • sleeping in
  • being home in Logan
  • portable heaters
  • ghetto music
  • writing
  • blogging
  • slippers
January 30, 2012:
  • walking into a warm apartment
  • orange juice
  • when my hair cooperates
  • wearing a new outfit
  • the game "what if..."
  • funny photos
  • not having to wake up at 7:30
  • Tim Tams

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