Monday, January 23, 2012


One day it was snowing in Logan! (shocking right?) And I thought it was so great outside that I wanted to document it! I had never used iMovie on my Mac so i thought it would be the perfect opportunity! My wonderful roommate decided to humor me and we made the cutest little Snow Day video you could imagine! I'm pretty sure we would be a great hit if we ever made it to theaters! So humor me and watch my video! It's cute!

So If you are ever looking for the perfect snow day seriously head to Logan! I swear it snows 9 months out of the year....not really. But I like to think it does. It is actually a wonderful place filled with college kids....and snow. But if you can get past the snow its great! and trust me if you can survive one winter here, you can survive ANYTHING! and trust me...i mean anything. So sit back, and relax. Maybe cook some popcorn, and enjoy Snow Day! Starring Tarah and Sara!

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