Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heaven in Eleven minutes!

We are all trying to find a slice of Heaven. Whether we result to chocolate, cake, ice cream....or, in this case pastries! I saw an amazing idea on the beloved Pinterest for these quick and easy pastry treats!

Little Jammers:

2-3 Cans of Crescent Rolls
1 Little tub of cream cheese 
1 Jar of Jam

First, you pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Then you prepare the cookie sheet by spraying it with Pam (or some kind of spray). You then scare yourself half to death opening the crescent roll can, spread them out on a pan. You smear whatever flavor of cream cheese on half of the roll, then you put a little bit of jam on top of the cream cheese! You roll them up, throw them in the oven. Wait approximately 11-13 minutes and voilá!! You have your own little rolls filled with Heaven! My roommate and I used Boysenberry Jam and Strawberry cream cheese! I think its better if they compliment each other, but I'm sure anything works!

Here are the Little Jammers!

p.s. I thought that you would enjoy this video..I know I did...

well that is sure one way to announce a baby.


  1. Oh my goodness these look absolutely delicious! And easy to make in a dorm hall oven! Yay!