Monday, January 23, 2012

Happiness Is...

Yesterday at Ward Prayer this girl was giving us an awesome thought about being grateful when I had a thought of my own! She told us how she started making a list of what Happiness was. She did it everyday and she wrote down everything that made her smile for that day. She said that it made her so grateful for all the little things in life. I have now taken that challenge upon myself in order to find out what Happiness is to me :) I'm only on day one, but I have already found so many things to be grateful for.

Happiness Is...

  • Getting a call from someone I love
  • Watching Once Upon A Time
  • Using my umbrella when it snows
  • Seeing a friend on campus
  • Getting a cute text
  • Getting a compliment from a stranger
  • When my favorite song come on iTunes
  • Finding a good scripture
  • Having Home Evening with my ward
  • Joking with Tarah
  • Looking at old pictures
  • Orange Juice
  • Fast internet (it usually sucks)
That is my list of Happiness for the day. I know that they might not seem very extravagant or anything. But they meant something to me, and they are what made me happy during the day. Everyone is just trying to find their own happiness, and it will come in all different ways. I am so blessed and I am so thankful that I could have all those little bits of Happiness throughout my day, and I know that they won't end there. They are going to keep going and I'm going to keep being happy:) I hope all you cuties find your Happiness too!

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