Monday, August 1, 2011


Oh man oh man oh man! So SHARK WEEK just started yesterday and I'm already freaking out! I love SHARK WEEK. It is super cool! Ive never seen sharks like that. It shows shark attacks, rogue sharks, jumping sharks, and everything about them. And it lasts for a WHOLE WEEK!! can you believe it?? I strongly suggest you jump on that train and watch it! Who wouldn't want to watch SHARK WEEK?!? its all the rage these days! Thats what all the cool teens are doing...haha

I don't know about you...but i am honestly deathly afraid of open water and sharks...but who knew i would love SHARK WEEK?? So I'm pretty sure if i like it you will like it. There are certain people who think SHARK WEEK is pointless. like a certain someone i know...but honestly I think it is one of the most genius ideas ever!! SHARK WEEK is top notch quality entertainment! Its super interesting and i love it:) Go crazy!! SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK SHARK WEEK!!!!!!

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