Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hey cuties! So Saturday was the amazing day of Warped Tour!! Me and Allie went and I couldn't believe the day had finally come!! I was ecstatic!!!!! We got there and luckily we got in early! VIP baby! All we had to do was hang up posters! It wasn't as special as i thought it was going to be...but it was totally worth it!!

We got in, bought a super cool schedule, some Get Naked shirts(haha) and started our journey of Warped Tour!! First we devised a plan and then started our day!!

First we saw Miss May I!! they were pretty good...but not my favorite

Miss May I

the singer was a terrible head banger. i thought that was a mandatory band thing??

Next we saw Abandon All Ships! They were super super good! haha the lead singer though looked like he could be on Jersey Shore...it was the funniest thing! but the other singer...wow was he hott stuff or what?? he was soooo attractive. The people next to us were hilarious. They kept saying, "that guy!!" so one time someone said, "who's hot?" and they said, "THAT GUY!" so me and Allie always referred to the hott guy as "that guy" haha and lucky for us we got them to sign our Get Naked shirts! he touched our backs ;) haha

"that guy ^"

Abandon All Ships

can you say ATTRACTIVE??

After our thrill of watching Abandon All Ships we waited for We Came As Romans!! They are one of my favorite bands and i was super excited to see them! It was the third time i had ever seen them and it was even more fantastic!! I got to touch both singers and i was dying!! Love them:))))

We Came As Romans!!


Hey kyle!

In The Crowd!

Yeah...he had hairy legs. thats okay. still touched them haha

After touching the amazing singers of We Came As Romans we waited for The Word Alive!!! I never had seen them live but i really really liked them!! They were super good and i couldn't wait!

us waiting for The Word Alive!!

he wore TOMS!...then he went barefoot...what happened?...i bet he gave them to some needy child in africa! presh...


The awesome keyboarder who does handstands!!!!

Not even zoomed in!!! I touched him! and i freaked out! me and Allie both did!

The WALL OF DEATH! intense!!

So after the intensity of The Word Alive me and Allie were tired! so we rested for awhile! Then after an hour we got right back up to watch Of Mice & Men! love them!! It was my second time seeing them and it was great!! i love the singer! and the attractive guitar player haha

Love this singer!

Calling all crowd surfers!!

Doing the choreography! on their backs:) sweet!

Attractive guitar player!! and he had cool hair! bonus!

After the amazing performance of Of Mice & Men we walked around, chilled checked out other bands! We were waiting for A Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria. So i got to hear Every Avenue, Gym Class Heroes, and The Ready Set. It was awesome! So after resting we headed over to hear A Day To Remember. Wow...I had never seen so many people. We got in to the middle...which was a terrible idea. You were squished like sardines and you could barely breathe!! I honestly thought i was going to die in the crowd...The concert started and we were all pushed forward! I was jerked around and bent in half! Half way through the first song i decided i wanted out. So i pushed my way through death and made it out alive...well half alive hahaha. Yeah sadly i didn't get any pictures of my near death experience...but I'm just glad i survived!! It sounded good though. After that we watched Asking Alexandria. They were amazing!!! I didn't go in to the crowd cuz i knew if i did i would be dead for D.R.U.G.S. so i watched but i love them! and am totally getting more of their stuff!!

After Asking Alexandria stopped we ran to D.R.U.G.S. that was one show i was not willing to miss!! no way jose! I was dying to see Craig Owens!! and luckily i did! When he came on stage i freaked out! sadly i stood by the most annoying people ever! usually concert people are way nice, but everyone in that crowd was selfish and rude! i stood by this fat guy and he never stopped moving!!! i thought i was going to die in an earthquake! luckily half way through the show i got in front of him...it was a crazy crowd!!

Craig first coming on stage!!

Craig in his shades!

Craig on the side of the stage!

Craig in the crowd!!

Craig being Craig!

so i touched craig owens 3 times....no biggie ;)

Craig raising his hand!

Craig singing...great show!

So i saw D.R.U.G.S that day... and it was the best ending i could ever ask for!! It was always my dream to see Craig Owens live! and i finally did! i touched him 3 times! which was a total bonus...so now i need to find a new dream haha...but it was totally awesome! D.R.U.G.S. was one of the best shows I've ever seen! and trust me...ive seen quite a few!


This is me and Allie at the beginning of the day!! all happy and excited!!

This is me and Allie at the end of the day!! All tired and exhausted :/

  • so this was my new little best friend at Warped Tour concerts. He always gave me and Allie water while we were waiting for the next concert! it was flipping awesome! hahaha he was super cool...

  • Also during one of the concerts i was having a grand old time! Then a crowd surfer surprised me from behind and hit the back of my head! it sent my chin slamming into the bar at the front! It split my chin open and started bleeding! just my luck...haha so now i am stuck with this gross scab on my chin... :/

  • Lastly here are just some cool photos i took at Warped Tour!:

THE END!!!!!!

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