Monday, August 22, 2011


Here is all my stuff! packed up and ready to head off to college!

Well hello is a very bittersweet day, and i know tomorrow will be even worse! I packed up everything today and it's ready to go. It is the weirdest feeling! I don't feel like i will be moving out tomorrow. It's insane! My room feels really empty. By tomorrow night I will be in Logan in my new room. Then i start my college adventure. It seems like just yesterday that i was starting my Senior year. Now look at me, starting my first year of college. Before you know it I'll be done with college, married and having kids. I can't believe that that part of my life is closing in on me. I could get married in just a few short years! The weirder part is that i could be married now! (which will for sure not happen anytime soon.)

I will miss my family and friends so much. I can't even imagine how hard tomorrow night is going to be. Knowing I won't be going home for a long time, and knowing that i will have to fend for myself and learn to live on my own. Good thing i have my wonderful roommate and best friend! i don't know what i will do without her. I am sure going to miss my home and cute friends:) I love all of you so much! And i will miss you all tons!! I'm starting a new adventure and I'll always keep you updated! HUGS & KISSES! love you!

Sara Harris

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