Saturday, August 20, 2011


Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear Sara...Happy birthday to me!!

Hey! So my birthday was pretty superb! I am adult...a legal adult...weird!! I can not believe it. Surprisingly if you can believe it i grew 3 inches, suddenly got green eyes, and red hair!!! haha just kidding. There was no change at all! I am normal me! Just now i'm 18 instead of 17.

My day was pretty normal. I woke up, got ready, went shopping with my mom. Opened my gifts, went to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with my cute family, went to a wedding reception....then watched "Something Borrowed" with my mother. It was a good day. normal. But personally "Something Borrowed" is hilarious! If you are into cute romantic comedies go watch it, right now! It is absolutely hilarious!!

So for my birthday i got some cutie gifts!! I never would have guessed...wink wink....haha. I got a pair of red TOMS which i personally bought. and surprisingly enough i also got a pair of grey TOMS!!!! yay! 2 TOMS! i love them:) i also got the cutest straightener on earth! It's pink and black zebra print. and then i got "Something Borrowed." All in all they were fabulous gifts that i will use 24/7....especially the TOMS! love you fam!!!!


Alrighty. So now i am i have to be more careful! I guess i have grown up a little bit. If you see the picture below you can tell I'm more serious...not pulling TOO many faces anymore...hahaha jk. But growing up will be an adventure! I can't wait for college! Happy Birthday to me! haha bye cuties!

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