Sunday, January 16, 2011


My weekend has been superb. Friday I went to the game with my friends and we totally kicked butt! It was like 60 to 30. Boys basketball dud great! Then we went to Village Inn. I was so glad because we always use to go after every football game. So we haven't been in a awhile so it brought back tons of good memories to go. Then we went to my house and watched White Chicks. It was hilarious...but sadly I fell asleep. I was exhausted haha
Saturday...what can I say about Saturday? It was pretty fun. MORP was Saturday night and that was...interesting. I dressed in my 80s attire. It was the best thing ever. I wore tights, leg warmers, a Mickey mouse swear shirt, a bright neon jacket, my hair was in a side pony tail and to top it off I had a fanny pack! It was my favorite thing ever! I hate fanny packs, but I have to admit they come in handy...anywho the dance was pretty lame. Boone really showed but. But all my friends came so they made it fun. Then we went to yogurtland. Man..that's a story all on it's own. We got our yogurt. Then we split up into little pairs. One person started singing "don't stop believing" then one by one our groups would join in. Soon we were all standing on this fountain singing and we had all these people looking at us! It was one of the funnest things ever! I was dying of laughter. After our flash mob at the fountain we watched the wedding singer to honor the 80s. It was great. I totally wish I could experience the 80s everyday! I love the way they dress! Anywho, that is my tale of weekend adventures! Tune in next time!!

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