Friday, January 21, 2011

Finally Friday!!

Ah today was finally Friday and I was so glad! To make things even better it was treat day and the basketball game! I took a wonderful nap today and was in the best mood after!!! Then I went to the game with all my friends and guess what I saw?! MULLETS!!!!! That's right! Can you believe it?! Insanity...anywho. It was the black out Bingham and that was pretty superb. It was such a close game the whole time. But then we list:( sad face.
After our loss we went to Kneaders! It is such a delicious place! I got a smoothie and it definitely made things better! Then we all went to my friends house and play hide and seek! It was terrifying! It was pitch black and I didn't know where to hide! Luckily we got to hide in partners or else I would have peed my pants! Now I'm home...on a Friday 11:00...ridiculous I know...I guess I'll just to go bed early tonight and call it good! Goodnight! Sleep tight!

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