Friday, January 14, 2011

The focus!!!!

Alrighty almighty...good news?! I definitely think so! It's the end if the quarter and I'm so relived! Also its a four day weekend and I'm excited to have some fun!! So this week I have been so addicted to FML. if anyone doesnt know what it is, it is a website where people post funny or bad awkward things that have happened to them. I don't know why im so into it. But it's entertaining to hear about things that have happened to people! I always feel so awkward fir them or really bad. I'm so addicted! It's hilarious and everyone should check it out at least once haha.
Also I got a new car!!! It's a ford focus and it's super cute! I can't even wait to begin having adventures in it! But I gotta have some sort of epic bonding moment with it so I can name it!! I'll think of a good one and let ya know! Oh what a fabulous day:)

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