Monday, January 24, 2011

They stole her wheelchair!!!

The weekend was fabulous! I watched a few movies, hung out with my friends! All in all it was a great weekend! I watched this movie called Lars and The Real Girl! It's my new favorite movie! Its about this guy who has a manakin doll for a girlfriend! It's hilarious:) since I don't have a ton to say about my weekend I'm gonna tell you a few interesting things about me!
Need to know facts about Sara Harris:
1. I absolutely love orange juice, pizza and curly fries. And I can definitely be bribed by them!
2. I think Mark Walhberg is the most attractive man on earth!!
3. I love having hiccups
4. I love having people play with my hair
5. I am addicted to spearmint stride gum
6. I love to wear crazy socks
7. My favorite bands are Bring Me The Horizon and Angels & Airwaves
8. I am deathly afraid of spiders and the ocean
9. I hate coconut! But my favorite pie is coconut cream pie
10. I don't have a middle name
11. The sight of blood makes me sick
12. Ba-Ba black sheep is my favorite nursery rhyme...but I can never remember how it goes
13. If a guy kissed me in the rain it'd be the best thing ever!
14. Maleficent is my favorite Gillian
15. I hate wearing high heels
16. I never drink pop
17. I wish played the drums
18. My favorite video game is Nazi zombies!!
19. My favorite movies are Hot Rod and The Count of Monte Cristo
20. My favorite colors are blue and black!
Well there you go!!! The top 20 need to know facts about me!!!

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