Sunday, January 9, 2011

Número UNO

Wow! This weekend was fabulous!! I definitely had some new experiences. On Friday I went to Red Robins for my good friends birthday. I had the best bacon cheeseburger I have ever had in my life there! It was delish! So if you are ever looking for a good one definitely go there. After that me and my friends went to the WJHS basketball game against copperhills...where we dominated! Go Dub-jay! After our victory some of us went to this dance thing at Murray Theatre. Yeah basically it was clubbing. Something very new for me. We got there and it was way awkward...everyone was wearing basketball jerseys and apparantly we didn't get the memo! I had a very unique experience there and I was like afraid for my life haha luckily I had my friends there to save me! Good thing im also one of those people who cant dance at all so i was only grinded on once! I never thought I'd say it but, Thank you bad dancing skills! It was super weird but way fun and I ended up loving it! And Basicly that concluded my weekend adventures!

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