Monday, July 18, 2011


Wow! the whole summer has almost gone by and i haven't blogged once! I need to hop on that train haha i just got a laptop(scream) so ill probably start blogging more...but ill update you on my summer! its been a pretty good one.

Ive hung out with my friends a ton! I graduated from high school which is way insane!!! i can't believe it. but it happened. It started my summer. Then i went on two senior trips. One to Zions National Park and the other to St. George. They were a blast! I also saw one of my best friends off into the air force. It broke my heart! we were super close and i couldn't believe he was leaving. Ive been bike riding a lot. My friends and i went on a 5 hour bike ride one time. I thought my legs were gonna fall off!! and i fell...typical me haha

I recently got back from trek. It was super good, but man...the after-effects sucked. My forehead and nose were peeling so bad i looked like a dinosaur and i got a blister on my lip from getting so fried! yeah i look so attractive haha. but this summer ive had so many things i love!!! And i recommend them:)

1. Twitter...i am so addicted to Twitter its not even funny...haha
2. Popsicles...i eat at least one a least...
3. Snow Cones...i get them all the time and i always get the same flavor. blue cotton candy!
4. Photography...i am addicted to photography. i love taking photos and doing cool things with them!
5. Wearing dresses...i dont know why but i have really loved wearing dresses!
6. Sunglasses...i have always been addicted to sunglasses but this summer ive gone crazy! i have at least 10 pair
7. Pickles...i don't know what it is but i have been eating pickles like there is no tomorrow!!
8. Salt & Vinegar chips...i guess my tongue is craving salty sour things cuz id die for a bag of these chips
9. Mumford & Sons...they totally know how i am feeling and they speak my soul. i can't get enough!
10. Bring Me The Horizon...when i have no passengers in my car i blast BMTH as loud as i can! They calm me down:)

man i love summer. it is the best! but it is so weird to think ill be leaving for UTAH STATE soon! i have all my stuff and its making me so excited!! what a weird feeling...

my cutie photography:)

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