Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All Hail The Heartbreaker

It started out sweet and I was in love.
You were all I wanted but I was just a waste of your time.
Now there is so much hate and hurt feelings.
Guess we never thought we'd end up here.
You told me you loved me and I thought that you meant it.
But you ripped that word up and tore it apart.
Now my heart is an open wound and it's getting infected.
Once it seals up you tear it open again.
Leaving my heart all broken again.
Now that you're gone there's this empty feeling.
Somethings gone that shouldn't be missing.
I'm not sure if it's you or just my heart breaking.
All I know is that I am done playing.
You string me along then throw me down again.
But are you satisfied now? With all your revenge.
I'm the only one left to pick up the pieces.
And when I think I might have them, you scatter them all.
Leaving me to pick the pieces up once more.
I know you never loved me and you're better off now.
But please don't pretend. not especially now.
My heart is too broken to be fixed by your lies.
So I'm glad that you severed all of our ties.
Maybe one day I'll forget what you did.
But for right now I'll still hang by a thread.
But please don't go cutting it with your bold scissors.
My heart isn't yours to play with anymore.
You still stomp on my dreams and tear down my hope.
But one day I still hope that you choke.
Choke on your words that crushed me inside.
And choke on the part of me that probably died.
One day I'll move on and forget your sad face.
But right now it's all over the place.
You said that you love me and I know you don't care.
So please let me be, don't you think that is fair?
Maybe someone will help me fill this deep hole inside.
It's probably from when i cried and i cried.
I'm done with your games and i want it to end.
Please dont play another game of pretend.
I'm sorry I'm not yours but seeing you now is quite a chore.
So right now I'm going to shut this door.
Severing all our ties, theyre no more.
Goodbye and forget. but i'll place you a bet.
That youll come back now, oh don't you fret.
But that door is shut and won't open again.
I'll open a new door my sorry friend.
So goodbye and forget this is the last time.
I don't want to remember any of your rhymes.
now you are gone and i feel okay.
But im afraid youll come back. yes im dreading that day.
I loved what we had and I'll miss it so much.
I gave you  a piece of my heart to keep.
I'm sorry I'm gone there's nothing more to say.
So just don't fret, cuz it's a happy day.
Goodbye my love.

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