Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All Nighter:)))) and broken hearted

So tonight I'm pulling an all nighter...but nobody knows...so shhhh! Its a contest and im determind to win!!! haha. I haven't pulled an all nighter yet this summer and i want to way bad. I always end up passed out not even knowing. I kind of love that. When you fall asleep but you dont mean to. It just kind of happens. You are asleep without knowing your asleep. superb:) Anywho I'm not sure what I am going to do all night but ill figure something out. Maybe watch a movie, play games, explore my laptop, write a novel...not. but it'll be an adventure!!! i can't wait...but ill probably end up just thinking about everything and anything.

Tons of stuff has been going through my mind lately. College, boys (of course), life, what i want to do, warped tour, growing up, being on my own and just everything! This summer has been good but its been so dang hard. I've had to live with the thought of being on my own. It's a scary thought and im not sure what im going to do quite yet...It'll take some getting use to. But im mostly nervous. haha i don't have my footing and im afraid ill slip and something bad will happen on my own. But the main thing of course that has been weighing my mind is the dreaded boys...

Ive had a tough time this summer. Losing a love is not easy. I know one day ill be stronger from it but right now it hurts. It seems like ill never get over it but i know one day ill let go and i will:) Broken hearts always seem to be a part of summer. Sadly i wish they weren't but summer and heartaches go side by side. I'm tired of being strung along and played with. It just keeps coming back. It starts out sweet but always ends sour. I hate it. Make up your mind, its not fair to anyone....The sad part is ill never get to finish my summer list and ill miss what we use to do.

Youll never kiss me in the rain.
Ill never eat Mcdonalds at the park with you again.
Ill never make smores with you again.
Ill never get a snow cone with you again
Ill never get lyrics from you again.
Ill never kiss you again.
Ill never hug you again.
Ill miss you like crazy.
And ill always love you...
But i know one day ill never hurt again.

I hate feeling this way but it won't last forever. I just need to keep my head up and smile. If i act like everythings okay maybe ill start to believe it! boys have cooties...and im okay to live without that for awhie:)

Sometimes i think we all know heart breaks are going to come but we take the risk anyway. We all put our heart on the line for the feeling of being in love. We do it for the butterflies, the holding hands, the stolen kisses, the feeling of being kissed for the first time, for the feeling of excitement when they text you, for the feeling you get when you cuddle, for the temporary bliss of being in love. But then it ends...because all good things have to come to an end...and youre heart is broken once again. But when you think back you can't help but smile...because even though you ended up getting your heart broken...it was worth it.

1. Chocolate
2. Tears
3. Love Songs
4. Ice Cream
5. Chick-flicks
6. Naps
7. Friends
8. Venting
9. Fictional Hottie...to give you hope haha
10. More Tears

good luck to all you fellow broken hearted cuties:)


  1. Hey Miss Sara,
    My grandbaby Hadley is 7 and she has a shirt that says "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them"
    Anyone who would let you go and not appreciate what an amazing woman you are is "stupid"
    Love ya!

  2. Not sure why my blogger name says mom, it should say Karlene :)

  3. thats cuz you are my mom hahaha i love you to death! thanks:) i wish i had that shirt