Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Heart Is On The Line

This particular post is for people who consider the glass half full. Otherwise you might think this is not the smartest idea...but i am just warning you. so consider yourself warned!!!

So Ive been advised lately by one of my good friends and I realized she is a genius!! joke. She made me realize that I'm officially out of high school. Who cares what anyone thinks?? Now is the time to put your heart on the line and say what you feel. If the person chooses not to care or be rude about it then that is their problem. You said your piece and you let them know how you feel. Its finally out in the open and you won't have to ever wonder "what if?..." And I love that feeling. I know this sounds way risky to some...and you might call me crazy, because if you don't take it the right way you totally could have your heart broken. But why not take the chance??

Recently I decided to put my heart on the line and tell someone how I really felt. It didn't go the way I wanted but I feel so much better! I feel a huge relief and I feel like I got the closure I needed! it is the best! I now don't ever have to wonder what would have happened if i didn't tell them...I know you are probably thinking that is crazy and you'd never ever take the chance, but why not? Honestly what are you going to lose? If you like someone or want to tell someone how you feel do it!! And do it now! There is no better time than the present. You might be heartbroken for a tiny bit but i promise it's not worth being broken up about. If it doesn't go the way you want move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. 

I just feel so relieved!! I could just climb a mountain! haha. So this is my advice to you: Tell someone how you really feel! Live life to the fullest with no regrets! Don't ever go through life wondering "WHAT IF?..." its not worth it! Remember L-I-F-E-G-O-E-S-O-N!  noah & the whale 4 ever!

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