Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey its me again! So the other day I was drinking a Sobe drink and i was thinking about how delicious it was. When i remembered Sobe's always come with a surprise!! I mean how could i possibly forget?? Silly me...So i popped open the cap and took a look inside! wow...I got a funny surprise! It was better than a Cracker Jack box prize!! Just see for yourself:)

Isn't that way awesome!!??? haha i laughed my butt off! SWEET CANADIAN MULLET! oh goodness....silly sob people. i don't have a canadian mullet...luckily they don't know that...wink wink. haha But i will thank them for the compliment...haha Oh that still makes my day.

Well cuties have a SOBE day:) peace out girl scout!

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