Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On a Rainy Wednesday...

This week has been a fabulous week!! It's been very rainy and I absolutely love it! I love the rain! There are so many good qualities about it! I love watching the dark clouds tumble and I love how you can always tell when it's going to rain. There is just something about the rain that gets me all excited :D

Favorite things about the rain:

  1. Puddles
  2. The big drops
  3. Eating popsicles in the rain
  4. Rain boots
  5. Umbrellas
  6. Thunder
  7. Lightning
  8. The sound of rain drops
As you can see I am quite crazy about the rain. The rain and I go back a long time...when i was little my grandpa and I use to eat popsicles in the rain together and we would count between the lightning and thunder. Now every time it rains I grab my umbrella and sprint outside to stand in the rain! It's my favorite! Yesterday I heard the rain so I grabbed Tarah and ran outside with my cutie umbrella! It was so much fun!

See this is my cutie little umbrella!! I love it tons and I love taking it with me on campus:) Me and this cute little umbrella have had so many memories together:)

My Rain Bucket List:
  1. Get kissed in the rain
  2. Lay outside when it's raining
  3. Stand outside and get soaking wet in the rain and not even care
  4. Dance in the rain
  5. Jump in puddles while it's raining
Well I hope you all have a fabulous rainy week! And i hope that all of you cuties have as much fun as I do playing in the rain:) night night!


  1. Sara! You are such a cutie! We should hang out more.

  2. thanks! haha i definitely agree! i miss seeing you guys! :) love you tons tons!!!