Monday, October 17, 2011

The Crepery...

Before I tell you my story of the day I thought I would update you with the progress of "Wreck This Journal" It's coming along really great! and I am loving every minute of it:) It is so much fun! and I wish that i could share this secret with everyone!!!! 

So recently I was shown this fabulous place up here at school. It seriously is a superb discovery. It is called The Crepery and they make the most delicious crepes ever!!!!! I get the same one every time called "Polly Anna." It has Strawberries, butter and sugar...haha simple but so good! For everyone who has never tried a crepe in their life I advise them to crawl out from under your rock and try something new! It is now me and Tarah's favorite place to go! We go every week:) it's a tradition! Delish delish:)

The delicious Crepery!!!!!

my Polly Anna crepe :)

me and Tarah eating our yummy crepeies!


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