Sunday, October 2, 2011


So tonight was just fabulous I must say! I got to hang out with all my cutie friends! We went to a corn maze:) I haven't been in one of those forever! but it was super thrilling and I enjoyed every bit of it! We even got to go in the scary part twice...shhh...dont tell haha. Any who, it got me thinking! OCTOBER is finally here! I seriously think it might be the best month of the whole year! Want to know why??

TOP TEN REASONS why October is the best month:
10. All of the fall smells
9. Apple Cider
8. Pumpkin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese
7. Leaves are changing colors
6. Candy corn
5. Corn mazes
4. Haunted houses
3. Decorations!! (spider webs, ghosts, pumpkins, etc...)
2. Carving Pumpkins
1. You get to dress up for HALLOWEEN!!

oh yeah...if you want some freakin awesome Halloween tattoos serious just go to the dollar store! They have these legit ones!! See how great mine turned out to be??
I can't wait to begin my adventure of OCTOBER! seriously "wreck this journal" and OCTOBER combined is gonna be something crazy!! I can't wait:) I'm taking a butt-load of decorations and costumes up with me to college...oh man. Its gonna be a B-L-A-S-T! just you wait and see cuties:)

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