Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Happenings!

School has been fabulous so far! I am surviving and I am loving it!! I can make some deee-licious cookies! and some fabulous meals! I am loving every minute with my roommates and our cute little adopted roommate Ariel:) they are the best and they always keep me laughing! We have some crazy moments...haha. We went and saw this amazing band Imagine Dragons and went to all these super fun activities! its been an adventure the whole way! I have been loving my billiards class! I have the funniest billiards partner:) and we always totally kick trash!

One thing I did not expect is how big longboards, bikes and scooters are! Everyone has one. so get one if you come to college! I love hanging with my cutie roommate Tarah! We are always laughing and being way crazy!...well not too crazy. but her and Torie have decided that i am a 7 year old boy...haha i guess its kind of true? hahah but only sometimes...

I also got this cute little cover for my laptop and i love it!!! take a cutie look:)

I have made it my little hobby to scare my roommates Torie and Tarah as often as i get the chance. It is the best thing ever! I hide behind things and pop out! hahahahaha always a laugh. It keeps things interesting:) Well i love all you cuties! and GARTH says hi! so catch ya later hater!

Me and Torie were hanging out one time...

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