Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blood, Puke and Pranks

So I just gotta tell you about my day. It's been absolutely crazy. So this morning my cutie roommate Tarah took me to get my blood drawn. It wasn't a huge deal to me...until I saw who was going to be taking my blood! The nurse took me back into "the lab." Standing in there was this old lady. I swear she was like 80. not even kidding. She kept forgetting what she had to do!! It made me a little nervous...she would say, "what do i need to do? oh yes! Why did i forget that? come on, remember remember." I was starting to wonder if she was an escaped alzheimer patient...but i guess she wouldn't remember if she was! Any who she started taking my blood and it was taking 5 years!!!! and she was only done with the first vile! She still had 2 to go and i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to make it. She had me hold a kidney and squeeze it. She told me, "Do you know what you're holding? It's a kidney! hahaha there is a thing coming off of it...but i can't remember what its called..." this furthered my alzheimer case!...Then I told her I was going to throw up, but no she wasn't worried about that! She was more worried about the gauze that she was going to put on my arm to match the color of my dress! So Tarah being the best friend she is ran and grabbed me one right before I puked...I guess you know who your best friend is when they hold your hair for you while you puke. Oh man I owe her big time.

So after that whole ordeal I was still way sick and sadly in tons of pain! I had no idea what was going on. The lady who took my blood even forgot about me! She basically ran away...I would too if i was her. So after awhile I knew I needed to go home and sleep it off. We were basically running out of the clinic. I didn't see the look on everyones faces in the waiting room but I'm sure they had looks of pure horror on them! I mean what would you do if you were waiting in a clinic and a ghost white girl starts running through the waiting room with a pan in her hands?? I'm pretty sure I would get up slowly and run away! I finally made it home and fell into my bed...Then slept. Now I feel great! But I'm a little afraid to go back...

After the whole day I made a full recovery! I even felt great enough tonight to pull a little prank on our neighbors! We decided to tape the ugliest photo I had to their back porch door. (see below) Torie, Tarah and I snuck into their backyard. Torie, being the bravest out of us all decided to climb up the stairs and be the one to put the picture up. She creeped up the stairs and looked inside. This is her version of the story: "Right as I got to the top of the stairs I saw Brent sitting at the table messing on his laptop. My foot accidentally hit a chair but he didn't hear. So I thought I was safe to put the picture up. I slowly raised my arm and started to put the picture on the door. Right as I did he looked up and stared at my arm. (With a huge grin on his face). Then I rubbed the tape on "eeh-ooh eeh-ooh eeh-ooh." Then I ran away! They came out and I yelled 'You can't see us.'" HAHAHAHAHAH it was the funniest thing of my life. If you ever meet Torie have her tell you that story. It was so funny. Best night with the cutie roommates ever! I love you guys! Have a fabulous night and don't ever get your blood drawn by an 80 year old woman! Night!

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