Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Is Not A Post...

So lately at my cutie home I've been dying for a couple things! First of all the thing you have to understand is, i hate pop. So what I'm about to tell you is a surprise to me! Lately I've been craving me some delicious SQUIRT!!!!! It is soooo good! If you haven't tried it, go out right now! and get some! It will quench your thirst:) yum yum.

Second of all I have been dying to get two books! They are titled "This Is Not A Book" and "Wreck This Journal." For all of you cuties who have never experienced or heard about these fabulous books I advise you to go to Google and Google it! They are the most random but amazing books I have ever seen and I want them so bad! So on Saturday I am going to do a little dash to Barnes & Noble. A cute little book run! I absolutely love the smell of book stores, libraries, you name it! I love the feeling of being in a library. So I can't even wait to jump in my cute little car BUG and go grab them and start on them right away. I will be taking it everywhere with me. So if you see me, ask to see it and you will! Any who Wreck your own journal! Have a fabulous night cuties!


  1. Oh my gosh! I have wanted a wreck this journal for soo long but I have never heard of the other one! Brilliant! Love your blog :)

  2. thanks!! i just got it and i already love it!! You should get it:) it is so much fun!!!