Sunday, February 27, 2011

Current Obsessions!

Wow sorry it's been awhile since I've blogged! I've been super busy! But lately I've been loving certain things lately!! They are my current obsessions!:

1. Ke$ha! I am on a Ke$ha craze lately and I can't get over it!! I always loved her but lately I have recognized how freakin amazing her music is! I always blast it in my car when I'm in an adventurous mood! I love Ke$ha!!!!

2. My dark kiss lip gloss! Usually I'm not a huge lip gloss girl but this kind I love! It tastes so good and it is super great:) everyone should wear it! If you can find some...

3. Mint chocolate chip ice cream gum! Seriously it is like the best gum ever ever!!! I am strictly a stride girl but I make an obsession for this gum only! It's like actually ice cream I swear! But I can only eat it at certain times. Just like a dessert. Go buy a pack pronto!

4. Orange juice! Of course...I have been obsessed with orange juice for a long time and I don't ever think I will get over it. I absolutely love orange juice and I crave it 24/7! It's my favorite drink ever:)

5. Katy perrys new song E.T. I am loving this jam and I've listened to it a million times by now. It's super great and I'm really liking it! It's a song I would definitely blast if I was ever in space....or ya know wherever

6. Aggie Blue Mint ice cream. Awwwwwww this ice cream! It's so good. My favorite ice cream was mint chocolate chip but I changed it because this ice cream is seriously TOP NOTCH!!! I love Utah state and this ice cream proves what great ideas come from Utah state! Yum yum yum...

7. Curly fries!! Awwwwww curly fries are a crunchy, yummy, warm, heavenly delight from arbys. I can be bribed with these 100%. I love these so much and I save them for special occasions. Haha

8. I don't know why...but I am recently craving salads. I use to hate eating salads but something clicked in me and I absolutely love them now. They are refreshing and crisp and delish! Hmmm...

9. Conversation hearts! I have always loved these but this valentines I realized how superb they were!!! I think they are stinkin hilarious and I cant wait to open them! It's like Christmas in a box! I made my mom buy me a stach after valentines cuz I loved them so much haha I am still waiting to use them on a date!!

10. How to train your dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. I am in love with this movie. I swear I've watched it everyday for the past week. I am like a little kid haha I love Hiccup and Toothless. How to train your dragon is the best thing ever and I will always love it! I seriously could watch it everyday! It's so cute and funny! Everyone should see it! So go rent it! Cuz it is definitely worth watching!!!! Awwwwww can't get over it...

So that's about it for my current obsessions! See ya later!!!!

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