Monday, March 28, 2011

A week in paradise!

Wow!! So a couple weeks ago i went to Hawaii! It was so stellar! We got up at 4 in the morning and went to the airport! I was dead tired and it was the longest flight of my life!! But we met the cutest family there and we got to know them really well! We had crazy adventures with them and i loved every minute of it!

Day 1: we got there and we were pretty tired and it was super hot!! i was so glad to change into shorts and a t-shirt. The first night we were there we just kinda walked around and saw what there was to see! and sadly the first couple of days was over cast but it was still super warm and emjoyable!

Day 2: we got to go to Pearl Harbor! it was the neatest thing ever! It was so sad to think what happened there and all the lives that were lost. We went to the memorial and had an amazing experience. We tour a submarine and took crazy photos! We also went to the Dole pinapple plantation! We got to ride The Pinapple Express...haha and we tried the ice cream and they had the best ice cream on earth!!! If you ever get a chance go try pinapple ice cream:) yum yum yum....and there was also a she-man named Gary that gave me and emily a good laugh haahaha...

Day 3: This is by far one of my favorite days!!! we went to the Polynesean Cultural Center and had the best time ever!!! haha we ate and ate and ate some more! the food was so delicious! a guy that worked there said "they don't eat until they get full. they eat until they get tired.." and i definitely got tired. While we were eating we saw this french man. and me and emily thought oh hey, he is kind of attractive. So we went to this river show and i noticed he was on the other side. and he kept waving...i thought it couldn't possibly be at me and emily. but he kept on waving. so emily waved to him one time and he waved back! me and her died laughing and we still laugh about it. We even have a picture of him waving to us...the creepers we are haha after the Cultural center we went to see the temple and it was gorgeous!! loved it! we also went to a luau and got "laid" and the flowers on the lay smelled delish:)

Day 4: was the beach!!!!! first we went to the flea market and bought a ton of stuff and it was my favorite!! i got the cutest bag and a cutie head for my car:) that little tiki head will always be my cutie...but awww i couldn't wait to go...personally i am deathly afraid of water...mainly because of sharks. but i love the clear blue ocean! It was great. sadly the beach we went to the water was pretty cold...but it was still fun. After having a blast at the beach we went and ate at the hard rock cafe! it was delicious and so much fun to look around at. they had all these random music items from famous people and i loved it! After our yummy dinner we met up with the cute family we met and walked on the beach and watched the sunset! it was to die for! ive never seen a better sunset!

Day 5: was a good day! we were doing all our last minute site seeing and traveling before we had to leave the next day. That morning we ate at the cheescake factory and i swear our waiter was a sisky buisness twin!!! he totally reminded me of him! and we got to see sea turtles! but it was kind of didn't move but it was still cool. we traveled around the island and saw basically everything. then we ate at a shrimp truck that was totally sketchy...and it wasn't super great. but the drink they gave us was my ultimate favorite thirst quencher! we also got our pictures taken with some birds and we watched hookers that night...i know it sounds weird but it was entertaining. out of all the hotels in hawaii we were placed across from a club/bar and the hooker street! We watched the girls walk back and forth back and forth trying to pick up on guys! me and emily would always have their status updated haha but yeah it was insane...

Day 5: this day was our last hoorah! we did some fun things but did it close so we could leave on our flight home. I was ready to go home. I loved Hawaii but i missed my bed and there was only so much we could do. We did get to go to the Punch Bowl and a palace though! it was neato burrito and i liked it! and i was so glad to go home one day before the tsunami hit! we are so lucky!

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  1. Sara: I love reading your blog because it's so you. It's really cute and funny. :) It sounds like you guys had a great time!