Monday, February 14, 2011


Man! It's been forever since I have written and so much has happened! but first things first I have officially decided to attend UTAH STATE!! i am so excited! i can't get over it haha the thought of becoming an Aggie is great! I absolutely love Utah State and I can't wait to go to college! I am looking forward to making tons of new friends, living on my own and having new experiences. It also making me a bit sad. I'm not sure how it will be leaving my family and leaving home. But it will be exciting.

On a happier note!! Sweethearts was this weekend and it was the best thing ever!!!!!!!! All the girls woke up at 5 am to wake up our dates. I went to wake up James and i was so excited!! I said, "wake up James!" and all he said was, "why?!" hahaha oh my....but waking up Brennan....funniest thing of my life! i about peed my pants. Me and Camie started shaking him and saying, "Wake up Brennan! Wake up!!!" he started screaming like a girl and waving his arms around! it was the funniest thing ever! It was a sight to see!!
After we woke Brennan and James up we went to Katies for breakfast and it was yummy! after that we took and nap then got ready for the day! I went and picked James up and i was super nervous! I don't know why but i was. I was super glad cuz i knew i could put his flower on his shirt no prob...magnetic! haha after that we went and ate dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. James looked like such a stud in his pink suspenders:) After our fun adventure we went to the dance and danced our socks off!! It was a blast!
my cute date james and me!

After we danced our socks off we headed to our night activity. It was at a gymnastics place and wow. Intensity in Ten cities! there was a foam pit, balance beams, trampolines! it was superb!! I loved the foam pit and it was super hard to get out. Basicly after that the night ended. We chilled and played pool at my friends and i fell asleep but it was a great night! i loved it and wished it could have lasted longer!!!

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