Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Oh Valentines. Good old Valentines Day. This years Valentines was not so seems I am cursed when it comes to Valentines. I have never had a Valentines Day go right. So I'm still waiting for my chance at a perfect Valentines. But I do like Valentines Day. My favorite things are:

1) conversation hearts
2) cheesy valentines
3) it's cute!
4) all the awesome stories about Valentines adventures.

People always call Valentines Day "single awareness day." but what's so bad about being single? I know it's great to have someone and get something on Valentines but it's not unbearable. If I survived Valentines everyone else can too!! I pinky promise!
I'm not gonna lie was disappointing. But I cured it with sappy movies and chocolate! The typical girls way out! Haha
this year on Valentines I got to hand out roses to people and it was so fun! My sister got one every period and I loved giving them too her:) it made me so excited and happy for her! I love seeing cute little love birds on Valentines. It shows there is proof that love exists and I love it!!! I am in love with love:) Ive always wanted to use conversation hearts on a date...and I think I fer sure will!!!!

Just remember: "be mine. True love. I heart you. text me. XOXO. kiss me. Miss you. all star. I'm sure. Cutie pie. Dream team. U R A 10. Be good. Hug me. Heart of gold." ...conversation hearts are legit!!!
So Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!! I love your guts!

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