Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spiders Crawling Up Your Arms!

The weekend went by way super fast!!! Me and cutie Tarah had some crazy little stories! haha First we went to our beloved Crepery! It is a little piece of Heaven! Then Tarah sadly had to go get a flu shot :/ fun indeed. After that I got some legit red lipstick. very very classy. i never realized how fun it is! But it's been a blast playing with! haha silly me playing dress up...

Then on our way home to our cutie apartment Tarah started to panic. I didn't know why she was panicking at first, but I soon found out! She started screaming and I got really really worried! I looked over and there was a spider crawling on her dashboard making its way over to Tarah! For a moment I thought it was going to head towards me, but luckily it didn't!!! It spun a web and hung down to the floor! We knew we only had 2 options. 1. Kill the spider and 2. Car accident....we chose car accident. Just Kidding! We had to pull over and Tarah killed it! hahaha Now that i think about it i can't believe that we freaked out that much about it hahahahaha....oh silly us. But i seriously hate spiders and I was scared for my life. I knew it was a threat...jk rowling...But any who, we survived the dreaded spider attack and have lived to tell the tale! have a cutie night! XOXO

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