Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcome Home Michael!

Today has been a wonderful day!!! Me and my cutie friends went to the airport to welcome my friend Michael who has been in the air force! We were so excited for him to come! We kept seeing all these military people coming down the escalator and they were all false alarms...then he finally arrived and we all just started screaming haha It was a fabulous reunion! He is still the same Michael we all knew:) After we went and saw him at the airport we all went and ate breakfast. Just like old times. It was seriously the best day ever! Homecomings are so exciting! We got all prepared and made posters! We were just so cute:)

Us with our michael signs :)

Michael coming down the escalator!!!


Sadly it was also a bittersweet day. My good friend Brennan went into the MTC!! So I was shaking his hand all day long! We also made posters for him too. It was a cute little surprise! He will be a wonderful missionary! See you in 2 years Elder Jensen! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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